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About Chicago Sober Living

Stairway to Freedom is a community of Sober Living Recovery Homes in Chicago, Illinois that provides a structured and safe environment to help addicts and alcoholics rebuild their lives and build a strong foundation for a successful and ongoing recovery. Founded in 2007 by a group of members from the Recovery Community who have many years of sober living in Chicago. We are NOT a primary alcohol or drug treatment facility. We are NOT a detox center. We provide halfway housing in Chicago with strict rules of sobriety within the house and grounds, structure and support while our clients are getting on their feet and learning to be self supporting. We are committed to sober living in Chicago.

What is a Sober Living Home?

A Recovery or ‘Sober Living’ Home is a place where people seeking recovery from the disease of addiction or alcoholism can rebuild their lives through peer-based support and the most valuable tool one can find in recovery – the therapeutic value of one addict helping another. We provide a safe place for people in the recovery community to live in and help them build a strong foundation for their personal recovery. While providing a safe supportive environment at our halfway houses in Chicago our clients are subject to random breathalyzers and drug screens.

Sober Living in Chicago

We focus on providing a secure environment for recovering addicts and alcoholics. Our main goal is to support and continue to carry the message of recovery to the still suffering addict. It is a place where people can learn to put into use valuable tools to help recover from the disease of addiction and alcoholism – One Day At A Time. After building a solid foundation for their personal recovery, we help our clients to become more acceptable, responsible and productive members of society. To learn more, click here to view our sober living Chicago glossary.

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Our Men’s and Women’s Chicago Sober Living Residences Include:

  1. A structured, highly supportive environment.
  2. Comfortable living accommodations.
  3. Quality environment for all lifestyle expectations.
  4. Respect and compassion.

Our Simple Keys to Recovery:

  1. Abstinence from all drugs and alcohol.
  2. Active participation in a program of recovery.
  3. The ability to live in a shared living community.
  4. Regular attendance of 12 step meetings.

Stairway to Freedom 3-Phase Program

We have a 3-phase program proven to integrate our clients back into society, providing them with a support system and recovery program. There are requirements to move from one Phase to the next. Clients automatically begin at Phase 1, and can move up by unanimous vote from the other house members.

  • Phase 1: 10:30pm weekday curfew – 12:00am weekend curfew – No Overnights
  • Phase 2: 12:00am weekday curfew – 1:00am weekend curfew – 1 Overnight a week
  • Phase 3 / Independent Living: 1:00am weekday curfew – 2:00am weekend curfew – 3 Overnights a week (not in succession)

House Meetings

We have 2 house meetings every week, and also have them on an as-needed basis. These meetings help to grow unity, accountability, and are a healthy arena to discuss house issues, give pull-ups or show support.

Thursday Meeting – Each client goes over their “Weekend Planner”, sharing with the group what meetings they plan on attending and other plans or goals.

Sunday Meeting – Each client gives a “Wrap-Up”, a brief summary of how the weekend went, what plans they upheld or changed and why, and share any other personal news.

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