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Men's Sober Living in Chicago


Stairway to Freedom provides a men’s sober living community in Chicago with the primary goal of helping them achieve long term sobriety. Our men’s sober living homes are inhabited by clients who have completed a primary treatment. While primary treatment is a needed part of recovery, our experience has shown that a clean and sober foundation is truly set in our aftercare facility.



Why Aftercare Treatment Matters

Many people view detoxification and initial rehabilitation as the hardest parts of the recovery process, but the truth is that sobriety requires a lifelong commitment to the habits and general philosophies that fuel real success in life after addiction. Here at Stairway to Freedom Sober Living, we help recovering addicts make that transition as smoothly as possible.
Prolonged substance abuse can physically alter the human brain over time, so just because a person completes a detox program does not mean they have been “cured.” Old behaviors and urges can linger long after detox and rehab end, and our halfway housing is designed to help recovering addicts add the structure to their lives required for starting that long journey toward healthier behaviors over time.
With structure and routine in a supportive environment, we can help men in recovery find their way back to a meaningful life. In fact, that is the very purpose of aftercare treatment.


About Addiction Aftercare

When addicts first seek help for their addictions, they enroll in a supervised detoxification program, but that alone is not adequate for long-term abstinence from drugs and alcohol. Once a recovering addict finishes detox, it is time to plan for life in recovery. This is where addiction aftercare becomes incredibly important. 
The term “aftercare” can mean many different things, but here at Stairway to Freedom Sober Living, we focus on abstinence from alcohol and drugs, active participation in a recovery program, communal, shared living with other people in recovery, and regular attendance at 12-step meetings. In doing each of these things, recovering addicts can more effectively abstain from further substance abuse and give themselves a better chance of preventing relapse.
A good recovery program also helps people mend broken relationships with estranged family and friends, while also giving them a life with renewed purpose.
Relapse always is a possibility for every recovering addict. At Stairway to Freedom Sober Living, we understand that a recovery home can be key to ensuring relapse does not happen at an integral time in the recovery process. Our men’s sober living facilities are designed to prevent precisely that.
Offering comfortable living quarters, Wi-Fi access, plenty of necessities within walking distance, and flexible options in terms of the short-term or long-term length of stay, Stairway to Freedom Sober Living is an ideal answer for those considering next steps after detox.



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