Addiction & Recovery Glossary - Stairway To Freedom Chicago

Glossary - Stairway to Freedom Chicago

1. Addiction
a. Addiction is the state of being mentally and/or physically dependant on a behavior or substance such as alcohol, opioids, pharmaceuticals
and hallucinogens, and being unable to abstain without experiencing adverse effects.
2. Substance Abuse
a. Substance abuse is the single or recurring consumption of drugs or alcohol that leads to dependence or is otherwise detrimental
to one’s life.
3. Drug Screening
a. Drug Screening is the process of testing an individual’s breath, blood, urine, hair, sweat or mental orientation, to detect the
presence of substances or their metabolites.
4. Sober
a. Being Sober or sobriety is the state of abstinence from drugs and/or alcohol. The term sobriety sometimes suggests successful long
term abstinence achieved through commitment to a supportive program.
5. Recovery
a. In the context of addiction, Recovery is the process of healing from substance abuse and achieving a state of prolonged sobriety.
6. Recovery House
a. A Recovery House is a structured living facility designed to assist residents in healing from addiction and achieving long-term
sobriety. By controlling for counter-productive environmental factors, a Recovery House maximizes an individual’s probability of
7. Sober Living Community
a. A Sober Living Community, such as our sober living Chicago group, is a supportive network of individuals with common goals and challenges
that include healing from addiction and achieving long-term sobriety. By committing to a Sober Living Community, an individual
has the opportunity to give and receive support that improves the chances of recovery.
8. Relapse
a. A Relapse is a setback in recovery or lapse in sobriety resulting from a break in resolve. Although a Relapse can be discouraging,
it is not an indication of failure.
9. Respect
a. In the context of recovery from addiction, Respect is the reasonable adherence to and consideration of one’s feelings, decisions
and expectations.
10. Abstinence
a. In terms of recovery, Abstinence is the prolonged and decisive avoidance of drugs and/or alcohol through control of self and environment.
11. Curfew
a. In Sober Living, Curfew refers to a specific time by which residents must return back to the facility.
12. 12 step program
a. The 12 Step Program is a highly effective, broadly applied sequence of personal developments that guide an addict toward sobriety.

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