The Path to Sober Living

The Path to Sober Living Chicago

If you’re just beginning your journey toward sober living in Chicago, you’ll face obstacles and challenges. Getting sober doesn’t mean that life will always go your way, and you’re bound to have good days and bad days. But by fully understanding each phase of the sober living lifecycle, you can develop trust that you will receive the support you need at each step of the way.

Phase I: Acceptance

As an addict or alcoholic, you probably have gone through phases when you denied that you have a problem. You may even be in one of those phases now. Accepting the reality of your addiction is the first step toward sober living Chicago.

As you work through denial and move toward acceptance, you may find yourself using various strategies for hanging onto the idea that your addictive behaviors are not problematic. By using the defense mechanism of denying, you make reality more acceptable in the moment. If you’re minimizing or rationalizing issues in your life, you’re deceiving yourself. If you forget or repress your past struggles, you rob yourself of a hopeful future.

To begin your journey toward sober living Chicago, you must first accept your addiction.

Phase II: Joining a Sober Living House

After accepting your addiction and completing primary treatment for drugs or alcohol, you need a safe, structured environment for continuing your journey to recovery. For sober living Chicago, Stairway to Freedom provides the support you need to create a strong foundation for success.

In a supportive sober living house like Stairway to Freedom, you’ll have access to safe housing and needed structure, with a built-in support network of peers. As part of your routine in a sober living house, you’ll attend 12-Step Meetings that provide you with the tools to continue on your path to living sober in Chicago.

Phase III: Final Recovery

During your residence in a sober living house, you’ll learn skills for supporting your recovery One Day At A Time throughout your life. Once you have created a strong foundation, you are ready to return to being a responsible, productive member of society — the Final Recovery phase of the sober living lifecycle.

Rebuilding relationships with important people in your life is vital to your permanent recovery; no addict can fully recover without the support of others. As part of your 12-Step Program, you will make amends for your past behavior, the first step in the process of rebuilding damaged relationships.

During your Final Recovery phase — and for the rest of your life — it is important to be kind to yourself and to engage in behaviors that support your sober living Chicago. Physical exercise, meditation, continued participation in a 12-Step Program, and a commitment to spirituality and service to others can all help keep you on the sober living path.

To take the first step toward the sober living Chicago lifecycle, consult with a Stairway to Freedom counselor today.


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