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Our Chicago Halfway Houses Are Changing Lives

Drug abuse is one of those problems that’s easy to forget about if it doesn’t affect you or a loved one. If you’ve never struggled with addiction, then you might hold the belief that another person’s abuse of illegal and legal drugs might not have any consequence on your life whatsoever. Unfortunately, that line of thinking is flawed. 

Drug abuse threatens entire communities because it has the potential to rip apart individual families. When a parent starts to use drugs, they are placing their need to feed their addiction above their need to be a good and loving parent. It doesn’t matter whether you or a loved one abuses drugs or not, you should care about drug abuse because it has the potential to make your neighborhood unsafe. People addicted to drugs are desperate, and desperate people are often mired in crime and violence. 

Luckily, our Chicago halfway houses are helping to treat people struggling with drug addiction. Professional rehab is mandatory for a recovering drug addict, but all too often we see addicts get out of rehab and return to drug use simply because they weren’t prepared for the challenges of sober living. Stairway To Freedom exists to help recovering drug addicts and alcoholics prepare for a sober future. We help folks succeed by taking the time to learn their story, encourage them and keep them accountable. Our mission is to stem the tide of drug and alcohol abuse by giving recovering addicts a safe place to live before they are ready to go back to their normal lives. For more information,  contact us today.

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