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Need Support and Help? Head to This Amazing Halfway House in Chicago

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The path that leads to sobriety can be a long and bumpy one; and recovery is only the beginning. In order to maintain a long and successful stay ON the wagon, the support of the right aftercare facility is a must. So, where do you go?

Stairway to Freedom provides recovering alcoholics/addicts a safe place to live after rehab is complete. This Halfway House in Chicago provides all of the comfort of modern living, such as flat screen TVs and modern kitchens; while offering a safe and sober place to finish your recovery.

Why is Living in a Halfway House Important?

The National Institutes of Health found in a study of sober-living houses (also known as halfway houses) that drug addicts and alcoholics who cycle directly out of inpatient treatment and into their old lives and habits face a greatly elevated chance of relapse. Without sober-living homes or other ways to bridge the gaps from total-immersion residential care facilities to the unrestricted environments that they came from before entering care, compulsive substance abusers are far more likely to revert to their old patterns of use very soon after being discharged.

Keeping You Accountable.

At a Stairway to Freedom Halfway House, all residents/clients are subject to random breathalyzers and drug tests. The rules on the grounds are clear: all areas of living and the grounds are sober areas. You are offered a safe place to live and receive the support you need to keep on the path of recovery. The focus is kept on how to help all residents/clients use the tools that they have received in rehab in their real life. At Stairway to Freedom we focus on how to make each client a more responsible and productive member of society.

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