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Sober Living Houses in Chicago Promote Productivity & Independence Among Recovering Addicts

Sober Living Houses in Chicago Promote Productivity and Independence Among Recovering Addicts

The ability to provide a safe and supportive environment for recovering substance abusers is the cornerstone of a successful aftercare recovery process. Established with the goal of helping recovering addicts become productive members of society, sober living houses in Chicago provide a safe and supportive environment that encourages a focus on recovery. Through peer-to-peer support and structured living, recovering addicts are able to concentrate on achieving their recovery goals and increasing their independence.

Helping Addicts Become Productive Members of Society

Our Chicago sober living and recovery houses were established to help recovering addicts and alcoholics safely re-immerse themselves into the Chicago community at large. The founders of Stairway to Freedom recognize how challenging this process can be for recovering addicts. After all, they may soon come face to face with the people, places, and situations that initially triggered their addictive behaviors. Accordingly, sober living residences were constructed with the following goals in mind:

  • To provide a safe place to use the coping skills learned during treatment
  • To help recovering addicts engage with the community
  • To encourage residents to take responsibility for their lives and actions
  • To help recovering addicts become productive members of society

By providing recovering addicts with a supportive environment within which they can focus on achieving these goals, sober living houses serve a critical purpose in helping recovering addicts fully transition back into society.

The Role of a Safe and Supportive Environment

Personal recovery for addicts is facilitated when they live in an environment that is free of the triggers and negative influences that precipitated their substance or alcohol abuse. A safe and structured environment helps recovering addicts learn how to support themselves and begin using the coping skills that they acquired during their treatment. Below are the ways that Stairway to Freedom’s sober living houses provide a structured and supportive environment:

  • A focus on peer-to-peer support
  • A living environment designed with the input of recovered addicts
  • The administration of random breathalyzers
  • Periodic drug screens
  • An emphasis on respect and compassion

By residing in a supportive environment that is free from the negative influence of drugs and alcohol, addicts are able to focus on achieving their personal recovery goals.

Providing a Foundation to Follow Through on Recovery Goals

In addition to providing a supportive environment, sober living houses pave the way for addicts to abide by the goals that were established during treatment. For many addicts, these goals include the following:

  • Complete abstinence from alcohol and drugs
  • Ongoing participation in recovery activities
  • Attendance of 12-step meetings
  • Make positive contributions to the community

Recovery goals become easier to achieve through the structured environment and peer-to-peer support offered through Chicago recovery houses.

Designed With the Input of Members of the Recovery Community

Much of the success of Chicago sober living residences can be attributed to their design. The design of each recovery house reflects the input of people who have enjoyed many years of successful sobriety in the Chicago area. Each sober living house has been renovated to include the following conveniences:

  • Modern bathrooms
  • Equipped kitchens
  • Laundry facilities
  • Flat screen televisions
  • Premium cable service
  • Common areas for socialization

More important, recovery houses also feature computers with high-speed internet. These tools play a valuable role in bolstering job search activity and productivity among recovering addicts.

The recovery specialists with Stairway to Freedom have the expertise and resources to help you maintain sobriety within an environment that fosters independent living. Please contact us for a free consultation or to take a virtual tour. We look forward to providing you with the environment and support you need to achieve full recovery and become a productive member of society!

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