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Chicago Halfway Houses: Changing Your Environment Helps Lower Chance of Relapse

Lower Chance of RelapseOnce you have made it past active addiction, rebuilding a sober life is often a difficult transition. Chicago halfway houses, can help you overcome many of the obstacles you are facing.

Once you are sober, the type of environment you live in truly matters. Returning to a destructive environment, or one that triggers your desire to use, increases chances of relapse, especially during the first year.

Halfway Houses can offer you the supportive environment needed to stay on track. In fact, the National Institutes of Health, conducted a study that suggests those who spent time in a halfway house increased their chances of remaining sober by 57% in the first year. They also found that it improved chances of finding and maintaining employment and reduced psychiatric symptoms.

A change of environment is often a necessity once you are past active addiction. That is because addiction is not just about physical dependence. It also affects the brain’s reward center.

Over time, a person will develop a compulsive need to use a specific drug despite knowing the consequences. When placed among certain social networks, or in an unsupported environment, a person is much more likely to return to their addiction.

In order to overcome both the psychological and physical symptoms of addiction, a safe, structured environment is a must.

Recovering from an addiction takes time and most importantly dedication. With determination and the support you need, sobriety can become a reality. Halfway houses can help you avoid relapse, and help you learn how to rebuild a sober life. For more information contact us.

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