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How Recovery Homes In Chicago Are Strengthening Families

It takes stability and love to make a family thrive, and a parent who’s unable to stay sober threatens the peace and foundation of their family. Broken and suffering families over time translate to widespread instability, violence and crime in larger communities. If addicted and alcoholic parents want a loving and solid family life, then it’s vital that they get sober. How?

Admitting you have a problem and that you need help is key. If your family is suffering because of your addiction, then nothing is going to change or improve until you admit to yourself that you need help and that you can’t do it alone. Seeking professional help after that admission is paramount. You may know you have a problem, but things won’t get better without some drastic changes. 

For most serious addicts and alcoholics looking to get sober, spending a considerable amount of time at rehab is mandatory. But after rehab is when many people make a serious mistake that could threaten their newfound sobriety and send them back into the arms of their addiction. Recovery Homes should be looked at as a vital step in the healing and recovery of an addict. All too often, folks in the “honeymoon” phase of their sobriety exit rehab and are unprepared for sober living. Recovery houses help addicts slowly transition back into normal life, and give them the best shot at a lasting recovery. 

Stairway to Freedom is an incredible community of recovery homes in Chicago that give a structured and safe environment to help addicts and alcoholics rebuild their lives. Their focus is to promote lifelong health and sobriety to their residents by setting up strict rules and safeguards. For more info on Stairway To Freedom, contact them today!

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