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Fun and Success in a Recovery House Chicago

After you complete an inpatient drug treatment program, the next step in your journey may be to find a recovery house Chicago to call home for your immediate future.

Finding Real Success in a Recovery Home

This phase could last anywhere from three to six months or even longer. There is no reason to rush it. In fact the longer a recovering addict lives in a recovery house, the better opportunity you have to build a solid foundation for success in your new healthy lifestyle, according to a study published by

You will probably be encouraged to accomplish certain goals, such as creating a resume, applying to jobs, completing your GED, or enrolling in college classes. Obviously as you work on self-improvement to increase your marketability, you expand your potential for success. When establishing your aftercare plan it is easy to overlook some less obvious, although equally important, ideas to enhance your recovery. If you are like most addicts, you begged, borrowed and perhaps even stole to get money to feed your habit. Now you can let out a huge sigh of relief because those awful days are over.

And there’s more good news! Starting right now, you can begin to spend your money on little pleasures in life that were likely long-forgotten in the world of active addiction. Make a list of what you would like to do for yourself. Think of what would make you feel good, healthy, and happy. Maybe think of things you gave up as your addiction took over your life. Or think of your definition of healthy now. 

Some of the ideas you come up with will cost nothing except your time. You may be amazed how good you will feel engaging in these positive, healthy endeavors.

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