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These Recovery Houses are Building Chicago Families

One family torn apart by a parent’s abuse of drugs and alcohol is too many. Tragically, it’s become all to often for entire communities to be ravaged by drugs, alcohol and gang violence. How can we fight back against this affliction? How can addicts and alcoholics heal?

Sure, rehab facilities are vital in the treatment of an individual who’s become immersed in the throws of addiction, but all too often they aren’t enough. Someone fresh out of rehab goes through a honeymoon phase. They often feel better physically then they have in years and a focus and encouragement that comes with detoxing and getting sober. But what about when the honeymoon phase is over? When addicts return to regular life too quickly, they are at great risk of relapsing and returning to deadly and destructive habits.

Recovery houses are vital in the sobriety of addicts. They focus on providing a secure environment for recovering addicts and alcoholics and their main goal is to support and continue to carry the message of recovery to the still suffering addict. Sobriety is a life or death prospect for someone devastated by addiction and it’s vital that they aren’t cut off from support systems too early.

Stairway to Freedom is an incredible community of Recovery Homes in Chicago that give a structured and safe environment to help addicts and alcoholics rebuild their lives. Their focus is to promote lifelong health and sobriety to their residents by setting up strict rules and safeguards. For more info on Stairway To Freedom Sober Living in Chicago, contact them today!

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