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Recovery Homes in Chicago Significantly Reduce Relapse Rates

Most chemical dependency treatment centers in the United States are not equipped to offer the long-term structure that people need to transition to a life of sobriety. That is where recovery homes in Chicago come in to play. According to a 2010 study conducted by the Journal of Substance Abuse Addiction, people who chose to reside in a halfway house or recovery home had significantly greater success maintaining their sobriety. The participants of the study, who were contacted 6 and 18 months after leaving a recovery house, reported fewer incidents of relapse into active drug addiction, homelessness, and arrest. Without fail, they attributed this to the structured community support they received while living in a halfway house.

Safety and Accountability

For many recovering addicts, returning to the place they lived before inpatient treatment is simply not an option. They may have come from a physically or mentally abusive relationship and feel too intimidated to return. Family members or roommates who they previously lived with may not be interested in supporting their sobriety. With a lifestyle change this dramatic, removing themselves from triggering people and situations is the best option for recovering addicts.

A sober living environment like Stairway to Freedom offers strong accountability in addition to being a safe place to land. Residents must abide by all house rules in order to remain with us. Through individual and group counseling, residents are expected to take ownership for their own sobriety and life goals. Although we are here to help and encourage, we expect everyone to honor their commitment to sobriety by taking whatever action is necessary to retain it. This typically means finding a job and stable housing, attending recovery meetings, and giving back to others by remaining active in the recovery community.

Take Back Your Life, One Day at a Time

You have taken an important first step by admitting you need help for your addiction and entering treatment. You owe it to yourself to contact us at Stairway to Freedom to learn more about the next step.


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