Accepting Help: The Key to a Successful Recovery

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Accepting Help: The Key to a Successful Recovery

When it comes to recovery from addiction, one of the most important determining factors for success is an individual’s willingness to accept help. While some find that the process from rehab clinic, to twelve-step meetings and sponsorship is enough to get back in the world and on one’s feet, many recovering addicts simply need more support. It makes all the difference to have a built-in community where everyone involved understands the challenges in making the transition to living “life on life’s terms.”

Our Chicago halfway houses (as well as the sober living homes and recovery facilities), consist of four locations. The routines in place, such as regular and as-needed house meetings, help alleviate fears and anxieties that plague the thoughts of recovering individuals.

Thinking too many steps ahead, for example, is a common pitfall among addicts. Even people who have been sober for decades find that the thought of leaving behind drugs and alcohol for life is too much to consider, and thus the key to recovery comes from the ability to live life “one day at a time.”

A full-time community offering rewards through the support of people struggling with the same issues will reinforce these simple truths of the process:

  1. Every single day you live sober is a victory over the disease.
  2. It’s perfectly fine to ask for help when you need it.
  3. Though it may take time and flexibility in one’s way of thinking, life will begin to seem manageable and joyful sooner than you expect, if you give this simple process that has worked for others a real chance.

It’s never too soon to consider taking the steps to recovery. Please contact us if you have any questions about our program or facilities, or require information about addiction on behalf of a loved one.

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