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Taking Women from Rock Bottom to Recovery

Recovering from hard drug use is a long, involved process. Narcotics don’t just strip away our sobriety; they strip away everything that makes us productive members of society, everything that makes us feel whole.

The basic living skills and social skills that we develop as we grow up in society are erased and overwritten by ways and means to get the next fix. Once we hit rock bottom, have our moment of clarity, and get clean and sober, those skills don’t just come back; they must be re-learned.  

That’s where Women’s Sober Living homes, such as those provided by Stairway to Freedom, come in. The first few months after achieving sobriety are so very crucial to long-term success, and the right environment will tip the scales favorably. Stairway to Freedom offers a taste of a life that many addicts may have lost: clean, comfortable living; peers who genuinely care about their success and well-being; structure and accountability; and most importantly, respect.

The home supports personal goals, and keeps women accountable to those goals with twice-weekly house meetings. Stairway to Freedom gently re-integrates women into society in stages which offer progressively more freedom as the women grow into their independence.

The twilight between sobriety and recovery is a tumultuous stage. The support that women receive in this home will push them through to the other side by reminding them what they’re capable of, teaching them skills they may have forgotten, and allowing them a safe place to breathe before they plunge head-first back into society.

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