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The Need for Recovery Homes in Chicago

Recovery Homes in Chicago

When it’s time for a new start, we are here for you. We are your Stairway to Freedom, a group of recovery homes in Chicago. Our focus is not to assist with rehabilitation from substance abuse; our area of expertise is in the all-important “Now what?” stage after a stay at a rehabilitation facility.

We agree that there is cause to celebrate recovery from substance abuse, especially when that substance has controlled the life of the addict for far too long. However, recovery does not end there, because of the high degree of recidivism of recovered addicts reverting back to their addiction. That is where Stairway to Freedom comes in. We are a vital part of the second stage of recovery. Our goal is to help our clients become re-acquainted with society so that they can regain full functionality and achieve peace of mind.

The crucial part of this second stage of recovery, or the after-rehab stage, is found at the Recovery Homes Chicago after leaving a rehabilitative facility. We function as a “bridge” from rehab to re-entering society.

There are many recovery centers at all socioeconomic levels in the U.S. However, there are relatively few institutions that truly help to “bridge” the gap between addiction and a new life in society. We assist our clients with re-entry, which may include help in finding a job, an apartment, having access to education on basic life-skills such as paying bills, learning social behaviors that do not include the use of drugs or alcohol, and learning to trust again.

These are only a few of the many issues faced by former addicts. And we are passionate about helping them to help themselves.

If you or someone you know has completed a recovery program and wants to take the next step toward complete recovery, let us help. We are ready to be a bridge to sustained sobriety. Please contact us for more information.

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