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Top Sober Living Resources (2019)

The first step on the path to recovering from addiction is becoming self-aware. Whether it’s for your family or yourself, it is critical to know there are issues that need to be resolved.

It’s important to have that moment where a person shifts their mentality from being in denial of the problem at hand to being open to making a full-hearted effort in making a change and get back on the right track.

Sometimes, people don’t have access to certain resources or don’t know where to turn to when they begin the road to recovery. Below, you’ll find a nice introduction to a few blogs and living resources that can help provide words of encouragement, a vocal outlet, sober living tips and/or other things that can help someone recover from an addiction.

Resources for Sober Living (2019 Edition)

Sober Living Resources


1) Getting sober and sober living Reddit page

This reddit page has almost 5,000 subscribers and provides a safe, ego-free way to have an open discussion on just about anything that deals with sobriety, from the beginning stage of realizing you need help, to relapse, to full-blown recovery and significant sobriety milestones. The page is extremely positive and negative comments or posts get taken down by moderators. People who post positive things about where they are at with their sobriety will be championed by the reddit community and gives you that emotional support beyond friends and family. If you ever need inspiration or talk about something that’s been on your chest for a while, this page is the one for you.

2) Tempest Sobriety School

A former addict herself, Holly Glen Whitaker founded Tempest Sobriety School, formally known as Hip Sobriety, in 2012 to help provide help seekers with, “resources, tools, education, roadmaps, and inspiration that helped me navigate my own recovery.” Content includes every type of 21st century medium such as blogs, newsletters, podcasts and even digital courses that help with addiction.

3) The Fix

With over 16,000 followers on Twitter and 127,000 like on Facebook, the Los Angeles-based The Fix is one of the most popular sober living resources on social media. This outlet covers an array of sober living and lifestyle resources using traditional journalism such as breaking news, investigative reporting and exclusive interviews. The outlet also has an open forum that allows free discussion on just about any form of addiction. The Fix reviews rehab centers in case you were wondering what the best facility might be for you and your addiction.

4) Memoirs of an Addicted Brain

If you’re looking for a blog or resource that dives into psychological and physical nuances, this blog is for you. Marc Lewis, the founder of Memoirs of an Addicted Brain, is a neuroscientist, author and retired professor of developmental psychology. His 2011 book, “Memoirs of an Addicted Brain,” is a story about his personal addiction to alcohol and drugs ranging from amphetamines to psychedelics, and offers professional analysis and advice through a study of his own self. The site also offers his printed articles as well as psychotherapy for people looking to kick their habit, which includes a free consultation.

The internet can be full of dark places and host a web of misinformation that can spread like wildfire. Knowing what to information to absorb and what to ignore is an underrated skill one must have when surfing the internet. You don’t have to go through the recovery process alone, there’s plenty of people just like you, on the road to recovery, looking for resources to help them live a better life. Finding the right resources is a good start.

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